Potencial terapêutico da melatonina em periodontia

A melatonina, além de ter um papel chave no ciclo circadiano, é conhecida por ter efeitos antioxidantes, anti-inflamatórios em tecidos humanos. A investigação sugere que a melatonina pode ter um papel eficaz no tratamento das doenças periodontal, além de ser útil para melhorar a integração óssea e regeneração óssea.

Therapeutic potential of melatonin in oral medicine and periodontology.

Kaohsiung J Med Sci. 2016 Aug;32(8):391-6
Authors: Najeeb S, Khurshid Z, Zohaib S, Zafar MS

Melatonin (N-acetyl-5-methoxy tryptamine) is a substance secreted by multiple organs in vertebrates. In addition to playing a part in the circadian cycle of the body, melatonin is known to have antioxidant, antiinflammatory, and antioncotic effects on human tissues. Oral cavity is affected by a number of conditions such as periodontitis, mucositis, cancers, and cytotoxicity from various drugs or biomaterials. Research has suggested that melatonin is effective in treating the aforementioned pathologies. Furthermore, melatonin has been observed to enhance osseointegration and bone regeneration. The aim of this review is to critically analyze and summarize the research focusing on the potential of melatonin in the field of oral medicine. Topical administration of melatonin has a positive effect on periodontal health and osseointegration. Furthermore, melatonin is particularly effective in improving the periodontal parameters of diabetic patients with periodontitis. Melatonin exerts a regenerative effect on periodontal bone and may be incorporated into of periodontal scaffolds. The cytotoxic effect of various drugs and dental materials may be countered by the antioxidant properties of melatonin. Topical administration of melatonin promotes the healing of tooth extraction sockets and may also impede the progression of oral cancer. Although, there are a number of current and potential applications of melatonin, further long term clinical and animal studies are needed to assess its efficacy. Moreover, the role of melatonin supplements in the management of periodontitis should also be assessed.

PMID: 27523451 [PubMed - in process]